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REVIEW: Under Fire by Rita Henuber

Author: Rita Henuber
Pages: ebook
Genre: Romance - Suspense
Publisher: Carina Press:
AMAZON: Under Fire
Under Fire was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Carina Press

Synopsis. (Goodreads)

Coast Guard helicopter pilot Olivia Carver is on a very personal mission. Her twin brother, an undercover officer, was murdered by a drug cartel and she won't stop until she finds the man responsible for his death.
In the course of her own investigation, Olivia meets informant Rico Cortes. He's mysterious and sexy and despite her reservations, the two share a night of passion. But Rico turns out to be more than a one-night stand. He's a DEA agent, deep undercover in Miami's drug world, and possibly the one man who can help Olivia find the justice she seeks.
When Rico realizes his cover is blown, he isn't sure whether it was someone in the cartel or an inside agent. Olivia is the only one he can trust and together they venture on a dangerous, rogue mission to infiltrate a drug lord's inner circle...with Olivia as bait. 
REVIEW: 4 out of 5 stars

Under Fire was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Carina Press.

Olivia Carver is a well respected helicopter pilot for the Florida Coast Guard guarding against terrorists and drug smugglers. She is on a personal mission to locate the drug cartel and those responsiby for brutally murdering her twin brother, Danny as well as other agents who were each working undercover. When an informant offers her information in exchange for cash, she readily accepts and goes to the designated location. Thinking she has been stood up she instead accepts an offer from tall, dark and gorgeous Rico of dancing and drinks which then leads to a night of passion with no attachments.

Declan O’Conner is a DEA Agent deep undercover in Miami’s drug world playing the part of Rico Cortes when he sets up a meeting with Olivia to try and scare her off. He has been working on the case for a number of years and can’t afford for her to be nosing about. Falling into bed with her was definitely not in his well made out plans but he can’t ignore the feelings she ignites in him.

His assignment to find an informant responsible for the deaths of four undercover officers almost ends in his own death and he realizes he has been set-up and his cover in the Silva Drug Cartel blown and the person responsible could possibly be another agent. Not knowing who he can trust, he instantly turns to Olivia.

Olivia was certainly one kick-butt heroine hell-bent on revenge and not letting anything or anyone stand in her way, especially not Rico who she rescues and not knowing one way or another whether he can be trusted decides to work with him and accept the information he offers.

I enjoyed seeing Rico and Olivia meticulously plan a way to infiltrate the cartel, but naturally there are potholes and their plan could possibly leave them both unemployed and facing charges for going in rogue or dead.

I also loved them as a couple, Olivia was feisty and determined and Rico had a more natural, relaxed feel about him. They both had difficult pasts so seeing them trust in one another was nice. Between the sheets (or on the roof top, in the Cadillac etc.) was scorching hot! Ms Henuber writes a wonderful smexy scene. The way they accepted and cared for Mouse/Scott was also really sweet.

The plot was well thought out and the pacing solid. I enjoyed the writing style, the dialogue, the action and the romance. Ms henuber certainly researched the story well, everything was described and detailed perfectly.

What I didn’t like: The abrupt ending! I would have loved an epilogue to find out more about what happened in regards to injuries, their future together, their jobs etc. it just seemed a tad unfinished to me.

All in all, I really enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading more by this author.

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