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ARC Review: Through These Wicked Nights (The Guardians of the Night #2) by Pixie Lynn Whitfield

Through These Wicked Nights (The Guardians of the Night #2) 
Author: Pixie Lynn Whitfield
Series: The Guardians of the Night
Pages: 200
Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 8th January 2013 

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Synopsis. (Goodreads)

The world isn’t the same anymore. Not since humans discovered vampires are real. Zarah and her new team of Guardians barely escaped and are in hiding. What once had been her job of protecting them, she is now stuck cowering away as a new threat emerges from the humans: Hunters. War is approaching. To add to her list of growing problems, a group of Fallen have been living in The Compound. Seth is one she can't seem to resist. He teaches her things of the side of her she's never known about until recently. Draven has grown cold and distant again since the battle with Nathanial, and she is left feeling conflicted. These are the least of her worries though. Something else is going on. A video is discovered with shocking revelations, and Zarah has a feeling things are about to go haywire.

Everything is crashing down around her. If she doesn't do something soon, they all will suffer the consequences. Even if it means destroying her beliefs and extinguishing what little humanity she has left…

Don't miss this second installment of The Guardians of the Night trilogy!

Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Through These Wicked Nights was kindly provided to me by the author, Pixie Lynn Whitfield in exchange for my honest review and is the second book in The Guardians of the Night series.

Through These Wicked Nights continues where Darkness Comes This Way left off, Vampires have now gone public and the world has been thrown into chaos with human hunters and Vampires now embroiled in war.

Reformed rogue vampire, Zarah Duncan is learning more about her bloodline as a half vampire/half angel and the elemental powers she could come to wield. Zarah is a strong and likeable heroine who is in control despite the obstacles they now face but also shows vulnerability and conflicted emotions; especially when it comes to Draven Kinsley.

We learn more about Guardian, Draven in this installment and it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, I feel there is so much more still to learn about him and his past. He is quite the broody character but the moments where he let down his guard were really quite sweet.

The secondary characters were each developed well, I was nervous about Zarah’s relationship with Fallen Seth and could never quite trust him, her brother Thomas is great as is Cam the Fallen who provided her with some much needed information.

I like Pixie’s writing and despite a few minor editing problems which could easily be overlooked I really enjoyed this novel; the plot flowed quickly and smoothly with a few twists and turns to really keep you guessing. The romance was pretty light; it was there but not at the forefront of the story.

Through These Wicked Nights was a very quick read but the progression of the storyline leaves you anticipating the finale in this trilogy especially with the Fallen Masters intrigued by Zarah and events which happened at the conclusion of the story.

Overall, if you are after a quick and enjoyable Paranormal/Urban Fantasy that has a cast of wonderful characters and an entertaining plot then I highly recommend The Guardians of the Night.

Thank-you kindly to Pixie for providing me with a copy of  Through These Wicked Nights


  1. I've not heard of this series before. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Nice review, Sharon!

  2. I love vampires..and this urban fantasy is new to glad you are loving it!


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