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Review: Dark Return (Seeker #2) by Taryn Browning

I am pleased to be able to participate in author, Taryn Browning’s blog tour for the latest book in the Seeker series, Dark Return.

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Dark Return (Seeker, #2)
 Author: Taryn Browning
Title: Dark return
Series: Seeker #2
Genre: Young adult
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Janie Grey is dedicated to hunting the undead, an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors and generations of powerful Seekers before her. Then, there's Kai. He's like no one she's ever met - cocky, fast, skillful, infuriating and gorgeous. Not only has he become a valuable asset in her fight against the growing population of the vampire/demon hybrid known as Daychildren...

She's unwittingly fallen for him.

Just when Janie thinks she's learned everything there is to know about Kai's mysterious past, there's a newcomer to Baltimore. Someone who will do anything to make sure Janie loses Kai forever.

Darkness returns in Nov, 2012...

Review: 3 ½ out of 5 stars

Dark Return is the second book in the Seeker series by Taryn Browning and continues on where Dark Seeker left off.

Seeker Janie Grey is back in this action packed thrill ride as determined as ever to rid the streets of Baltimore of the Daychildren (Vampire/Demon hybrids) in this installment she has Kai by her side to assist but they certainly have their work cut out for them with a new threat.

Head honcho Taveres has appointed someone who played a big part in Kai’s past as the new leader of the Baltimore Daychildren and when Kai tries to deal with the situation alone, strain begins to appear in the budding relationship between him and Janie.

I thoroughly enjoy this series, the pacing flows well and the plot is really enjoyable; my only problem with Dark Return was the lack of relationship progression between Janie and Kai, I would have loved more interaction between them; I felt each scene they were in together was intense or forced, there was also a huge reveal in the first book which was only touched upon in the sequel, I would have liked this aspect to have been dealt with differently.

I like Janie as a main character, she is strong and sarcastic and definitely knows how to kick-butt; she wasn’t as impulsive in this book which I quite liked. Kai is great but I felt he made a few rash decisions and the secondary characters each play an important role; I wasn’t a big fan of the imprinting storyline with Matt in the first book but I didn’t mind it in the sequel as it wasn’t a big focus.

I really like the spin Ms. Browning has given to the undead as well as the Seekers who hunt them, it is unique and the tidbits of history we are given keeps it all quite interesting.

Dark Return was a great sequel, I literally breezed through this; it was quite a short book and it finished on a cliff-hanger, although not a major one. Taryn Browning’s writing flows well and kept me riveted throughout.

Overall, if you enjoy your YA Paranormal filled with action, drama, mystery and a nice budding romance then the Seeker is for you.

About the author: Taryn Browning writes novels for young adults. She's also an avid reader and dreamer with a crazy imagination. Her debut urban fantasy is Dark Seeker. The sequel, Dark Return, will be available Nov, 2012. You can also check out the prequel novella, Dark Beauty. Her newest paranormal romance, Whispering Hills, and urban fantasy, Emanare, were also released this year. 

Taryn graduated with a BS in Education from Towson University and went on to earn a MS in Reading from Hood College. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, music, movies, and the beach. Some of her favorite TV shows growing up included Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Angel. For as long as she can remember she's loved all things fantastical, paranormal and magical.

Visit her at Follow her on her blog, on twitter (@TarynBrowning), and facebook (Dark Seeker & Taryn Browning).


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  1. I'm going to check this one out, I have a hard time finding YA UF and it sounds like a good one except for the romance stuff, eh? That's one of the reasons I backed out of UF this past year, the romance really started fizzling out of them. I'm so happy to hear this doesn't end on a big cliffhanger - that might have been a deal-killer. ;)

    Great review!! I'm glad I've heard of the series now.

    1. My comment to Taryn was basically just - yay for YA UF! I can't ever find any decent ones and I love to hear about more of them. :D

    2. I agree Barbara! YA UF are few & far between.

  2. I have not read book one, and am sorry the relationship didn't develop further. awesome review!

    1. Thanks Kimba! I am obsessed with romance in my books, I love these characters but hoped for more.


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