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Review: Fool Me Twice by Mandy Hubbard

Fool Me Twice (If Only . . . #1)Fool Me Twice

Author: Mandy Hubbard
Series: If Only #1
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Australia
Pages: 272
Release Date: 1st May 2014


Mackenzie and Landon were the perfect couple . . . until he dumped her and broke her heart. Fast-forward a year and they're back where they first met—Serenity Ranch and Spa, where they are once again working together for the summer. Talk about awkward.

Then, Landon takes a nasty fall and gets amnesia. Suddenly, he’s stuck in the past—literally. His most recent memory is of last summer, when he and Mack were still together, so now he’s calling her pet names and hanging all over her. It's the perfect chance for revenge. The plan is simple: keep Landon at arm’s length, manipulate him so he’s the one falling love, and then BAM, dump him. There’s just one problem: Mack can’t fall for Landon all over again.

The If Only romance line is all about wanting what you can't have, and Mandy Hubbard's hilarious break-up/love story is sure to captivate anyone who has ever wished for a second shot at love.

Review: 3 out of 5 stars

Fool Me Twice is the first book in the If Only series, each book written by a different author and featuring different characters.

I really like the premise for Fool Me Twice and I was in the mood for a bit of a break-up revenge sort of light-hearted book and this one was fun, nothing deep but quite cute and entertaining if not over the top with the cheesy, fluffy moments.

Fool Me Twice follows Mackenzie and Landon’s story, Landon broke up with Mackenzie in a terrible way but since hitting his head and ending up with amnesia he has no memory of them ever breaking up which is perfect for Mackenzie so she can play along, exact her revenge and break his heart as he did to her.

Both of the MC’s were ok characters but their actions didn’t really endear me to them, they were childish and definitely not true to themselves – Landon’s behaviour definitely grated on my nerves as did Mackenzie’s willingness to please. The side characters were great, I liked Bailey and Adam.

The do-over plot was simplistic and the ranch setting wonderful, I really enjoy second chance romances and despite their first relationship (if that’s what you’d call it) not being long term and based more or less on untruths it was nice seeing them start afresh but in saying that there were a lot of cringe worthy moments that didn’t feel realistic at all.

Mandy Hubbard’s writing is witty and fun but the dialogue and the characters juvenile behaviour let it down overall. If you are after something quick and light-hearted, Fool Me Twice would be perfect.

Thank you kindly to Bloomsbury Publishing Australia for the opportunity to read and review Fool Me Twice.

Mandy HubbardAbout the author

Mandy Hubbard is the author of PRADA & PREJUDICE and YOU WISH, both novels for teens now in stores. 

In 2011, her releases include BUT I LOVE HIM (written as Amanda Grace) and RIPPLE. She is also a literary agent for D4EO Literary Agency. For more information, visit her website.

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  1. I love the ranch setting and that cover is adorable Sharon :)

  2. I love the ranch setting too, but I think I'm going to pass on this one. I don't read much YA contemporary to begin with, and the MCs do sound a bit childish, and that's not really my bag. Thanks for sharing though! I'm glad you were able to somewhat enjoy it ;)


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