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Review: Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn


Author: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Series: -
Pages: 320
Publisher: St Martin’s Griffin
Release date: 5th January 2016

Synopsis: (Goodreads)

Seventeen-year-old Mercedes Ayres has an open-door policy when it comes to her bedroom, but only if the guy fulfills a specific criteria: he has to be a virgin. Mercedes lets the boys get their awkward, fumbling first times over with, and all she asks in return is that they give their girlfriends the perfect first time- the kind Mercedes never had herself.

Keeping what goes on in her bedroom a secret has been easy- so far. Her absentee mother isn’t home nearly enough to know about Mercedes’ extracurricular activities, and her uber-religious best friend, Angela, won’t even say the word “sex” until she gets married. But Mercedes doesn’t bank on Angela’s boyfriend finding out about her services and wanting a turn- or on Zach, who likes her for who she is instead of what she can do in bed.

When Mercedes’ perfect system falls apart, she has to find a way to salvage her reputation and figure out where her heart really belongs in the process. Funny, smart, and true-to-life, FIRSTS is a one-of-a-kind young adult novel about growing up.

Review: 3 ½ out of 5 stars

When I first read the blurb for this book I was really quite hesitant to request a copy but also extremely curious about how the author would pull it off.  

Mercedes Ayres believes she is doing boys a favour by teaching them how to treat their girlfriends in the bedroom by taking their virginity, it’s her way of giving a service to make their first moment memorable and not like the one she experienced herself.

Mercedes only rule once she finishes her teachings is to keep their encounter a secret & there is no repeats. Besides the boys she beds, the only person who knows her intimately is Zach, her Wednesday bed buddy; he wants more but she won’t give any more of herself despite her growing feelings.

I really liked Mercedes, everyone thought her innocent and I can’t believe she expected to get away with what she was doing; she was unassuming and naïve in this instance and didn’t know when to put a stop to things. When it got out of hand, her reputation was in tatters.

I adored Zach, he was pretty wonderful and Faye was awesome! They were great friends to Mercedes, Angela who is Mercedes religious no sex before marriage best-friend was her complete opposite but also an enjoyable character.

We get complications, betrayals, drama but also a budding romance and friendship which I liked reading about, there wasn’t a lot of depth, it was all very light-hearted despite the subject matters so I do wish the author could have expanded on the repercussions not only about sex and trivialising losing their virginity so willy nilly but also about expectations, slut shaming, sexuality and consequences.

I enjoyed the author’s style of writing and the unique premise despite it feeling a little too far-fetched.

Thank you St Martin’s Griffin via NetGalley for providing me with a copy of Firsts.


  1. I read First also and did enjoy the book. I was like you I was unsure if I would like it or not.

  2. I am surprised this was light despite the subject and probably would have appreciated the depth you mentioned. Great review Sharon!


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