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Review: The Epidemic (The Program 0.6) by Suzanne Young

The Epidemic (The Program, #0.6)The Epidemic

Author: Suzanne Young
Pages: 384
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Series: The Program 0.6
Release date: 19 April 2016

Synopsis: Can one girl help others find closure by slipping into the identities of their loved ones? Find out in this riveting sequel to The Remedy and companion to New York Times bestselling The Treatment and The Program. 

In a world before The Program…

Quinlan McKee has spent her life acting as other people. She was a closer—a person hired to play the role of the recently deceased in order to give their families closure. Through this process, Quinn learned to read people and situations, even losing a bit of herself to do so. But she couldn’t have guessed how her last case would bring down her entire world.

The only person Quinn trusts is Deacon, her best friend and the love of her life. Except Deacon’s been keeping secrets of his one, so Quinn must set out alone to find Arthur Pritchard, the doctor who’s been trying to control her life. The journey brings Quinn to Arthur’s daughter, Virginia, who tells Quinn the truth about Pritchard’s motives. The former closer will start to see that she is the first step in fighting an epidemic.

But Quinlan doesn’t want to be a cure. And with all the lies surrounding her, she realizes she has no one left to rely on but herself—even if she doesn’t know who that is anymore.

Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Contains possible spoilers from The Remedy.

The Epidemic is the sequel to The Remedy and companion to The Treatment and The Program.

The Epidemic begins where The Remedy left off. Quinlan McKee has spent her life as a Closer – a stand-in as other people, she takes on the short-term role of a deceased loved one to give them their final closure. The premise is always one that has intrigued me and in The Remedy Quinn finds out something that completely shocked her, her life has been a lie – her journey throughout this book showed of her pain but also her immense strength.

Deacon is the only person Quinn can trust – or can she, he’s been keeping secrets of his own, so she must set out alone to find Arthur Pritchard, a doctor who’s been attempting to control her life and the man who erased her memories. Quinn ends up meeting Arthur’s daughter, Virginia, who is definitely nothing like her father and is just as much a pawn in his plan as what Quinlan has been, she learns that she may be the first step in fighting an epidemic.

The plot is engrossing and flows at a steady pace, we are taken on an exciting journey as Quinn and Deacon as well as other closers try to find out the mystery behind some surprising teenage deaths and how it is all linked to Quinlan and Pritchard.

I have adored Quinn and Deacon together but I really questioned his loyalty and motives in this book, he wasn’t as forthcoming as what he should have been and it drove me crazy! Despite this, I still think he is a great love interest and support to her.

The Epidemic is a book about self-discovery, I have enjoyed every moment and each of the side characters who all play a pivotal role in the overall story. Arthur Pritchard is a character I despise, he is truly the perfect villain.

Overall, The Epidemic is a creative YA novel that explored difficult themes of emotions and identity. The characters are each wonderful, the romance is enjoyable although I was questioning it at one stage and the intricate plot keeps me entertained – I highly recommend this series.

Thank you to Simon Pulse via Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review The Epidemic by Suzanne Young.

Suzanne YoungAbout the author

Suzanne Young is the New York Times bestselling author of The Program, The Treatment, and several other novels. She currently lives in Tempe, Arizona where she teaches high school English and obsesses about books. Learn more about Suzanne at www.suzanne-young.blogspot.com


  1. A book about self-discovery? That's really interesting!

  2. I love this series and I think it is totally underrated. I'm so glad you are reading and loving it too!

  3. I know Nick loves this series too. I tried buying the first book on audio but ended up buying book 2 on accident. I still need to get book one :)

  4. This is a serious that I've been eager to read, but haven't gotten to yet. It sounds so good!

  5. I've read books with a similar theme but didn't quite catch me. I think the variation on this theme might be what I want. I'm so curious about this series now. Brilly review!


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