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Review: Letting Go by Kate L. Mary

Letting GoLetting Go

Author: Kate L Mary
Series: -
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Release date: 8th November 2016
Pages: 304

Synopsis (Goodreads)

Some people like a little chaos. Not Sarah. Growing up in a house of humiliating filth means she has three crystal-clear goals:

1. Get through college, however she can.
2. Keep her three-year-old sister away from her mom's hoarding.
3. Never, never let disorder take over her life.

Of course, studying, working, and taking care of a toddler mean Sarah has no time for fun. Until she meets Zac.

He’s sweet, he’s funny, they have compatible plans for the zombie apocalypse. But Sarah can’t let him in. It’s not just his three drooly, sloppy dogs—with him in her life, the pristine future she’s working for would be shredded before you can say 
Down, boy!

Sometimes falling in love is really all about letting go

Review: 2 ½ out of 5 stars

Thank you to Lyrical Shine via Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review Letting Go by Kate L. Mary.

I was initially intrigued by the premise of this book, it interested me but unfortunately the MC and the easy resolution at the end let it down for me.

Sarah’s mother has a problem, she is a hoarder and it made for a difficult childhood for Sarah and now her younger sister, it’s caused her embarrassment and pain so she left home at an early age and now lives with her best friend, trying to get through college, work part-time and be the primary caregiver for her sister.

When Sarah meets Zac, things start to look up but there is a problem; Zac’s life isn’t organised and she is extremely put off by his three dogs.

I found Sarah to be a judgmental, critical character; for someone her age she never really let loose and had any fun and when she did it was always a whingy negative; I couldn’t really take to her personality. Zac on the other hand was a fun, easy going character and was pretty wonderful in the way he was with Sarah; he had the patience of a saint. I suppose they complimented each other well but I wasn’t a fan of her negativity.

I couldn’t fault the authors writing style and she touched on some difficult situations, it was engaging and dealt with realistically. The pace was slow for me up until the ending where the resolution was sorted with little complication, I felt that it was too ‘easy’.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read but my feelings towards the MC let it down for me.

Kate L. MaryAbout the author: Award-winning author of WHEN WE WERE HUMAN and the Amazon best-selling BROKEN WORLD series, Kate L. Mary writes everything from post-apocalyptic tales of the undead to new adult contemporary romance. A mother of four and an Air Force wife, her days are divided between keeping her household in order and creating new worlds for readers to get lost in.


  1. I think it's about time I break with NA, I just can't seem to find anything good anymore...

    Have you tried Undecided by Julianna Keyes? That's a really good one!

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

  2. That's too bad. It can be difficult when a characters personality rubs you the wrong way.


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