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Review: Smokeless Fire (Fire Spirits #1) by Samantha Young

Smokeless Fire (Fire Spirits, #1) 
Author: Samantha Young
Series: Fire Spirits
Pages: 358
Genre: Young Adult - Paranormal
Publisher: Self

Synopsis. (Goodreads)


When eighteen year old Ari Johnson is transported from her bedroom into the chilling realm of Mount Qaf - home to the terrifying and mercurial Jinn - she learns a truth that rocks her very world. Suddenly her anxiety over college and her broken friendship with Charlie seem like small change compared to the war she now finds herself stuck in the middle of. Her unease isn’t lessened any by the hot guardian, Jai, who won’t stop following her around everywhere - a Jinn whose loyalty Ari hates to question but must. She has no idea who she can trust.

When the truth burns through her life in its determination to turn it to ashes, Ari will have to battle with ancient deadly creatures, epic family drama and heart-wrenching romantic entanglements.

REVIEW: 4 out of 5 stars

Smokeless Fire is the first book in the Fire Spirits series by Samantha Young and kept me riveted from the first to the very last page.

Eighteen year old Ari Johnson is a little lost, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life now that she has graduated, she is heart-broken over the demise of her long-time friendship with Charlie who has been on a downward spiral since the death of his younger brother, she is living with a poltergeist, has an absent father and has never known her mother.

But things get a lot worse when she is transported to the realm of Mount Qaf, home to the terrifying Jinn (Genies) and her biological father The White King – it is here she finds out she too is half-jinn and caught in the middle of a terrifying war where she will be used as a pawn.

Jai Bitar in an outsider in his tribe but the best guardian there is; he has been hired by The Red King to protect Ari, staying with her 24/7 to ensure her safety. He is gorgeous, strong and sarcastic but he keeps his emotions hidden, I liked that we are given Jai’s POV in this story as well.  

As a main protagonist, I really liked Ari’s sass and wit, despite what she was finding out she stood strong and determined which I enjoyed. I also loved the banter between her and Jai. Seeing her find out more about her heritage and destiny kept me wanting to know more, I enjoyed learning about the Jinn as Ari was.

We have what looks to be the beginning of a love triangle but I was Team Jai from the very beginning, I just hope Ari can dissolve her emotional attachment to Charlie sooner than later – he let her down one too many times and his actions and behavior were terrible, he made some serious decisions without seeming to understand the consequences to what he had done, his sole motivation is revenge.

We are given a lot of information in the first part of the book which is not surprising for the first in a series but I never felt it was too much. The magical world Ms Young has created was certainly fascinating; I have never read about the Jinn before and had no idea what they even were so I was riveted by the concept.

I liked each of the secondary characters, The Red King had me giggling at times but I never saw him as a character of supposed power due to his dialogue and sarcasm, Charlie drove me batty but mainly because of his treatment of Ari at the beginning of the book. The few minor characters were also written well, I enjoyed the mystery that was Ms. Maggie.

Ms Young has written a compelling story with likeable characters and an engrossing plot; it is a great first book in what promises to be an entertaining series.

The ending was quite abrupt so I’ll definitely be picking up the next book, Scorched Skies.

Overall, an action-packed, magical and intriguing start to the Fire Spirits series.


  1. Ooh I haven't heard of this one before! Great review! I really enjoy magic in stories and the characters being likable is such a big bonus!

  2. This is new to me. I love the cover and your review has me adding it to my wishlist!


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