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REVIEW: Borrowed Ember (Fire Spirits #3) by Samantha Young

Borrowed Ember (Fire Spirits #3) 
Author: Samantha Young
Series: Fire Spirits
Publisher: Self
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 355

Synopsis. (Goodreads)

Everything in Ari’s life until this point has been borrowed.
Her human life with a man who wasn't her real father.
A love for a boy who needed more than her to be strong.
Kisses with a Jinn who refused to do anything but lend them out in moments of weakness.
And even her resolve, which seemed to fail her whenever she needed it most.

But Ari is done borrowing. She finally feels strong enough to make hunting Jinn not just a hobby to get her through her dismal situation, but to make hunting a permanent and necessary career. Her friendship with Charlie might finally make it onto real and steady ground if only she can save him from the trial on Mount Qaf. And her love for Jai could be eternal, if only she could gain control over the darkness of the Seal within her.

Ari believes all of this is doable. That finally she will truly own the relationships in her life and to a certain extent have ownership over her future.

But none of that matters when it isn't up to her…

…For high in the emerald mountains of Mount Qaf, the Sultan Azazil has been keeping secrets.
Even from the Jinn Kings.
Secrets that will change everything… and bring Ari to the crashing realization that once again…

… she’s borrowed something that will never truly belong to her.

Something that is desperate to be unleashed.
Something that could destroy them all.

Review: 4 ½ out of 5 stars

** Review contains possible spoilers from books 1 & 2**

Book 1 Review - Smokeless Fire
Book 2 Review - Scorched Skies

Borrowed Ember is the third book in the Fire Spirits series by Samantha Young and follows on where Scorched Skies left off.

At the beginning of this book we see Ari, Jai and the Red King in Mount Qaf for Charlie’s murder trial which is more or less a non-event thanks to the interference of the White King who has inadvertently pushed Ari more into the spotlight of the other Jinn, it is here that she also gains the unwanted attention of centuries old Asmodeus.

Ari has progressed so much in character from the first book where she was learning about who and what she was to now training to hunt and control the darkness of the seal.

I am really enjoying this series and in Borrowed Ember we not only experience the mystery and magic as with the other books but there is also loss and heartbreak as well as self-discovery; a lot of secrets are revealed and the many twists and turns along the way have been surprising yet suited the plot perfectly.

I have loved all of the secondary characters and I felt we learnt more about who could and couldn't be trusted, they are each fleshed out well. I actually despised Charlie that little bit more in this book – he is selfish and his focus on revenge and power is out of control. We learn more about what Jai had to endure at the hands of his own family, his step-mother in particular who has ingrained how worthless and unlovable he was from such a young age but I enjoyed how Ari always stood by him despite his reluctance; I adored and appreciated him all that little bit more in this book, especially how he stood up to his father. The relationship is certainly progressing as well which I love. Trey is witty and adorable and Asmodeus gave me the creeps, he is evil personified. Ms. Maggie was a big surprise!

I felt the first half of the book was slower than what I have come to expect from this series but the pacing certainly picked up and we are thrust into magical mayhem and kick-butt action scenes. I was literally gaping at the ending and kudos to Ms Young for getting rid of a character who I must admit I had become quite fond of; I understand her reasoning but it is always hard when you read about the demise of someone who was quite entertaining and endearing (I wont reveal who it was to avoid spoilers), I would have preferred it if was a character I wasn’t as invested in.

As with the other books in this series, Borrowed Ember was a thoroughly engrossing read; I have loved learning about the Jinn as Ari has and seeing her grow into her powers has been compelling. I enjoy Ms. Young’s writing style and the intricate story she has weaved.

Overall, Borrowed Ember is another wonderful installment in this amazing series which is filled with magic, betrayal, revelations, action and a really sweet romance.  I am anxious to get hold of Darkness, Kindled which has an anticipate November release date and is sure to be filled with strong emotion, I think what Ari has been tasked to do will break her heart.


  1. Ahh I absolutely love this series, but I still need to read Borrowed Ember! Brilliant review!

  2. I haven't heard of this series, so thank you for sharing it. I must say that that after reading your review, I really need to put this on my TBR list. Great review.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  3. Lovely review! I've just finished reading it and agree with what you wrote ^^ Charlie is annoying, selfish... and I had difficulties to read his parts. I just couldn't understand why he didn't see the light and why he was so obsessed with revenge. Would his brother be happy when he did it? Sorry for the rant, had a bit of pent up feelings about him ;)

  4. Wow..i really need to starting picking up these series..i missed book one and this sounds cool in spite of Charlie! Awesome review!


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