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Review: The Accident by Kate Hendrick

The Accident
The Accident

Author: Kate Hendrick
Series: -
Pages: 272
Publisher: Text Publishing
Genre: Young Adult

Synopsis (Goodreads)

A rainy night. 

A car crash.

After the accident Sarah moves to a new school. A new place where no one knows what happened to her or her brother—where she doesn't have to deal with the history that's pulling the rest of her family apart. 

Will is keeping his head down at home, just trying to get by. Then his sister Lauren comes back—as caustic as always but somehow changed. Will doesn't know what upheaval brought her home. But it's sparking some serious change in his life too.

Eliat's got no mother of her own, and she's way too young to be one. Looking after a two-year-old, trying to finish school—sometimes all that keeps her sane is partying as hard and fast as she can. Now the pressure's building and Eliat just wants to get away.

Just get into a car and drive.

In this impressive and beautifully written debut, Kate Hendrick sets the butterfly effect in motion. The moving stories of three teenagers going through crucial changes—before, after and around the accident—show how random actions acquire significance. How one pivotal moment could transform your life and you might never know; how what you do matters.

Review: 3 ½ out of 5 stars

The Accident is the story of Sarah Starke, Will McAlpine and Eliat Singleton whose lives are in some form connected. With the backdrop of Sydney, Australia it is an engaging and thought provoking read.

The characters: I enjoyed quiet, introverted Sarah the most, she has just started a new school and is trying to adapt to the recent changes in her family life as well as recover from the accident which happened a year prior; Will’s family life is difficult and I found his love of reading quite endearing but he came across as an unfeeling character and Eliat is in the foster system raising her two year-old daughter Tash but still living her wild lifestyle, she is the character I connected with the least because I didn’t feel she truly appreciated what she had and seemed oblivious to her own situation, as tough as it was.

The plot: Was interesting with three very different characters trying to decide the directions they will take with their lives, the changes they needed to make and their purpose; I was intrigued by each of their differing situations and struggles and felt each grew as the book progressed despite the problems they faced. It showed that all actions have some form of consequence and I liked the underlying message.

I felt the overall feel of The Accident was quite morose; I had to stop at one stage for a breather and a bit of light reading, the pacing of the first few chapters were quite slow and took me a while to get into but once I did, I was riveted. The characters show vulnerability and emotions true to their age which I appreciated, the story is told in time perspectives of Before, After and Later and it was all tied together in the end nicely.

My biggest gripe with this book was trying to work out whose point of view each chapter was coming from, Sarah, Will or Eliat’s, it was especially difficult in the initial stages where we were still working out who is who but I came to get accustomed to each characters unique voice as I read along.

The Accident was written extremely well, I enjoyed Ms. Hendrick’s style of writing and her characterisations. It is a book which evokes a lot of emotions and curiosity; it is a wonderful debut for Kate Hendrick and the Sydney setting I always find appealing.

Thank-you kindly to Text Publishing for providing me with a copy of The Accident to read and review.

Katehendrick-credit-ianhendrick_regularAbout the author: Kate Hendrick is a high school teacher and creative jack-of-all trades, with interests in art, design, photography, writing and anything DIY, especially if it involved power tools. She and her husband live in Sydney with their young daughter. 
The Accident is her first novel.  


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this for the most part, Sharon! At first I was a tiny bit confused by the 3 POVS but when I realised they were always in order, it was easy to know whose turn it was.

    I completely agree, loved the Sydney setting!

    1. Thanks Mandee! I haven't read many books set in Sydney so that aspect was great.

  2. I like the butterfly effect idea, but I'm a bit chary of morose novels. Cool review.

    1. Thank-you, I did have to put this down at one stage because it was a bit of a downer but enjoyable overall.

  3. This is new to me. It sounds interesting, but the POV thing would bother me to. Great review. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I found the different POV in the initial stages really confusing but the overall story was great :)


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