Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Review: War of Heart - A True Immortality Novel by S.Young

Author: S. Young
Series: A True Immortality
Pages: 447
Publisher: Self
Source: Netgalley
Release date: 1st October 2019

SynopsisNew York Times Bestselling author Samantha Young writing as S. Young.

Thea Quinn has no idea what she is. All she knows is that her abilities have been a plague upon her life since she was a child. After years of suffering at the hands of a megalomaniac, Thea escaped and has been on the run ever since.

The leadership and protection of his pack are of the utmost importance to Conall MacLennan, Alpha and Chief of Clan MacLennan, the last werewolf pack in Scotland. Which is why watching his sister slowly die of a lycanthropic disease is emotional torture. When Conall is approached by a businessman who offers a cure for his sister in exchange for the use of Conall’s rare tracking ability, Conall forges an unbreakable contract with him. He has to find and retrieve the key to the cure: dangerous murderer, Thea Quinn.

Thea’s attempts to evade the ruthless werewolf are not only thwarted by the Alpha, but by outside dangers. With no choice but to rely on one another for survival, truths are revealed, intensifying a passionate connection they both fight to resist. At war with themselves and each other, Conall and Thea’s journey to Scotland forces them to face a heartrending choice between love and betrayal.

War of Hearts is a standalone paranormal romance. 

Review: 4 out of 5 stars

I have enjoyed everything that I have read by Samantha Young so I was quite keen to read War of Hearts, a standalone paranormal romance..

Our main character is feisty, strong and witty twenty five year old Thea Quinn who has been on the run for six long years, trying to avoid a man she never wishes to cross paths with again; Ashworth.

Thea is a bit of a mystery, she has no idea what supernatural creature she is but she does know that her abilities are unlike any other supernatural that she knows of and she is super strong with amazing healing abilities. Her life hasn't been easy so you couldn't help but hope for a HEA for Thea,

Conall MacLennan is the Alpha to one of the last werewolf packs in Scotland, he has a special tracking ability that is of great use to Ashworth;. If he can apprehend Thea, he has promised that her blood will cure his sister Callie of her deathly illness. Conall was a great character, dedicated to his pack and family, he was 6'6 of strength and dominance but still had a soft heart of gold.

I enjoyed the interactions between Thea and Conall, their banter and the chemistry between them was off the charts; they couldn't have been more different but they worked together well and shared the same morals and beliefs. Things did happen between them very quickly but once you understand the reasoning behind it, it was more believable.

I enjoyed the action, side characters, mystery and paranormal creatures that were introduced; War of Hearts was very well written and I am hoping that it does become a series as there is so much of this world still left to explore.

Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of War of Hearts.


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