Tuesday, 12 April 2011

REVIEW Snowbound - Larissa Ione

Author: Larissa Ione
Pages: 232 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Samhain Publishing

From the blurb.

Passion hot enough to melt the slopes and their hearts. Thanks to a devastating medical diagnosis, ski patroller Sean Trenton has endured two years of celibacy. Two long years that have chipped away at his confidence. Now, with the career opportunity of a lifetime on the line, hes ready to remedy the celibacy situation, and sexy snowbunny Robyn Montgomery is just what the doctor ordered.
Unfortunately, the last thing reliable, intense radio station manager Robyn Montgomery wants in her suddenly turbulent professional and personal life is a thrill-seeking former Olympic skier-even if he is a total hottie. Shes had it with guys who hog the spotlight and leave her in the shadows. So why is it that even an icy blizzard cant temper the combustible heat between them?
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language

Larissa Ione is one of my all time favourite paranormal authors (Demonica, Lords of Deliverance & ACRO as Sydney Croft) so I am not surprised I also loved her Contemporary Romance, Snowbound.

Robyn Montgomery has a successful career as a radio station manager and is returning to her hometown to attend her ten year school reunion and to host a charity auction to raise money for underprivileged kids, Damon her ex & boss had agreed to help emcee but at the last minute withdraws leaving her having to source someone with a high profile to help out with the event.

Robyn spent her adolescent years being ridiculed by her peers for being overweight, insecure and geeky so she sets off to show she has lost her weight, is sexy, confident and successful. The reunion and event is her chance to prove to herself she is no longer the person she was as a teen.

Sean Trenton is a world-famous skier and former Olympian, now working at the ski resort as a patroller and EMT, he is trying to get his life back together after an injury that destroyed his hopes of achieving a gold medal and a medical condition which left him feeling inadequate as a man.

When Robyn meets Sean in the resort bar, she tries to avoid him due to his popularity and past fame but he is a temptation Robyn finds hard to resist, there is an immediate connection & some scorching chemistry between them and Sean sets his sights on getting her into bed after 2 years of celibacy.

After getting to know Robyn, Sean realised she was just what he was looking for in a long term relationship, something he had never wanted before and it was also something he had to work on with Robyn since she was so adamant she didn't want someone with such a high media profile.

It was a slow build up for their relationship to really take hold with a lot of misunderstandings, deceit and drama but I enjoyed them having to work together through the emotional baggage to get to their HEA and Sean really showed he cared for her; I wish Robyn made more of an effort to show she cared for Sean outside of the bedroom (or the cabin) as what he did for her.

It was an enjoyable, sexy, sensual fast paced read, a bit too much emotional baggage & woe is me from the heroine but a very likeable hero. 

A gorgeous, sexy cover!!


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