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Armchair BEA – Day 4 – Beyond the Blog

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Armchair BEA – Day 4 – Beyond the Blog

Has blogging opened up opportunities for you beyond getting free, advance copies of new books? Has it helped you get offers to write or review elsewhere (maybe even for pay)? Have you gotten invites to special events or places you might not have been to otherwise? Today, we'd like you to talk about those opportunities in you own posts, and later this morning, we'll have a guest post from one of our own Armchair BEA team members, about her freelancing experiences.

“If none of these apply we'd love for you to share a fun aspect about your blog or life that may be completely separate from books!”

I am my harshest critic so don’t think I would want to pursue writing or reviewing outside of my blog – it is something I do purely as a hobby and not something I am keen on turning into a career or making money from. I am signed up to the Amazon affiliate program but to be completely honest, I am clueless with how it all works. The biggest perk for me already is receiving ARC’s of books I am eager to read, its payment enough in itself and something I truly appreciate (it saves me a fortune).

So, since this question doesn’t really pertain to me I get to share a fun aspect about my life – the most fun I have is with my husband and gorgeous children Damian who is 7 and Eva who turned 5 yesterday, they are the lights of my life and I am so thankful for them. I am also thankful they both share my passion and love of reading, my son is in 1st class at school and I am pleased they place a lot of emphasis on literacy, he writes the most wonderfully creative stories that he reads with so much enthusiasm you can’t help but enjoy the absolute cuteness of them. Other than my love for my family, I am also completely obsessed with all aspects of photography and admit to always having my camera with me much to my family’s embarrassment, it is an outlet for me to express myself and also something I am interested in pursuing professionally (if ever I work up the courage).

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  1. I'm signed up to the Amazon associate program, it's easy! If u need help w/ it just contact me. I'll be happy to help!

    Anyway, my thoughts are similar to yours. Right now being so new in the blogging world I'm just thankful for all the opportunities that come my way.

    My BEA post

  2. I too love to take photos and have a photoblog. Hope you will visit;

  3. Happy belated birthday to Eva! I always love hearing about your family. I didn't know you were into photography! That is so cool. I love it too, and always have my camera with me, snapping away. My family is pretty much used to it now, but one or two of my friends just don't get it. I'm doing the photo a day challenge for June (on Twitter if you have a chance to look, and also on my new blog, and it's a lot of fun. Someday I hope to own a really great camera, and maybe even take a few courses. I think it would be wonderful if you pursued it professionally - good luck! xxx

  4. I was thinking about signing up to the amazon affiliate program. If and when I start to get any ARCs, besides the ones I win in giveaways, I agree that it is enough payment. It's hard on the pocketbook to be such an avid reader. :)
    My Beyond the Blog post

  5. I don't think I'd fare well as a writer either, I'm also my worst critic!

    I think it's awesome that your kids enjoy reading too - I was obsessed with reading as a child!

  6. That's so great your children love to read -- I hope mine do someday, too. Such a wonderful thing to share.

  7. Happy belated birthday to your children!! It's wonderful they share your passion for reading. :)

  8. I participated in the Amazon Affilate program for awhile. Never sold a book though and do not know of anyone making any money through this program.

  9. I love learning about everyone! I mainly stopped by to thank you for your sweet comment on my beyond the blog post, but got a little lost in your blog once I got here! Haha.

    I love the creativity that little children have! They write some of the cutest stories! Back when I volunteered in a school, and later got a job there, I taught kindgergarten students how to write! We wrote stories together, and they came up with some of the most amazing ideas.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

  10. Amazon affiliate program is really simple. Simply append your affiliate code at the end of nearly any link and when someone makes a purchase you get 6% (and up depending on the dollar volume of purchases made during one month).

    The code is "&tag=youraffiliatecode"


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