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REVIEW: Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles #1) by Kevin Hearne

Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles, #1) 
Author: Kevin Hearne
Series: Iron Druid Chronicles
Pages: 289
Genre: Young Adult - Fantasy
Publisher: Del Rey
Amazon: Hounded

Synopsis. (Goodreads)

Atticus O’Sullivan, last of the Druids, lives peacefully in Arizona, running an occult bookshop and shape-shifting in his spare time to hunt with his Irish wolfhound. His neighbors and customers think that this handsome, tattooed Irish dude is about twenty-one years old—when in actuality, he’s twenty-one centuries old. Not to mention: He draws his power from the earth, possesses a sharp wit, and wields an even sharper magical sword known as Fragarach, the Answerer.

Unfortunately, a very angry Celtic god wants that sword, and he’s hounded Atticus for centuries. Now the determined deity has tracked him down, and Atticus will need all his power—plus the help of a seductive goddess of death, his vampire and werewolf team of attorneys, a sexy bartender possessed by a Hindu witch, and some good old-fashioned luck of the Irish—to kick some Celtic arse and deliver himself from evil.

REVIEW: 4 out of 5 stars

The Iron Druid Chronicles is a series which came highly recommended by the wonderful Danny from The Bewitched Bookworms and I must admit I tend to avoid series that don’t have romance but I am so glad I picked up this book – it was absolutely amazing!

Atticus O’Sullivan is such an awesome, witty, intelligent character; he is also the last of the Druids, an ancient one at that – he has the looks of a 21 year-old but is in fact 21 centuries old. He spends his days running an occult bookshop in Tempe, Arizona.

The plot follows a celtic god; Aenghus Óg who wants to reclaim a powerful Fae sword - Fragarach, Atticus who has the sword in his possession decides to face down with Aenghus once and for all rather than running. It was a fast paced, action packed thrill ride that had me swiftly turning the pages wanting to know more. I loved every moment of it.

Hounded has a cast of brilliant paranormal creatures, including vampires, werewolves, Fae, gods and witches and each play an important role in this book – I did feel there were a tad too many and as a result affected the developmental sides of things but I hope we’ll learn more about them in the next book. I especially loved Oberon, his hound who could communicate with him telepathically which I though was great, the dialogue between them at times was hilarious!

I rarely read a book that doesn’t contain romance and this book had zilch but I still loved every moment of it. Atticus was such a wonderful, well thought out character and I enjoyed reading a book from a male POV –I also think his sidekick Oberon helped to make this book the awesome read that it was; it was humorous, fun and witty.

Mr. Hearne has written a wonderful page turner in Hounded, his characterizations are perfect, the plot was fast paced and flowed perfectly and the writing detailed and entertaining, the world he has created kept me riveted. I am so eager to get started on Hexed, the next book in this enthralling series.

Books in order:

1. Hounded
2. Hexed
3. Hammered
4. Tricked
5. Trapped
6. Hunted

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  1. great review i need to start this series.


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