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Blog tour - Review/Dream cast & Giveaway - Unraveled (Woodlands #3) by Jen Frederick

The Woodlands series by Jen Frederick  is one of my favourites so I’m really excited to be able to participate in the third book in the series blog tour – Unraveled hosted by TRSOR Promotions.

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Author: Jen Frederick
Series: Woodlands
Pages: 280
Publisher: Self
Release date: 18th January 2013

Synopsis. (Goodreads)

Twenty-five-year-old Sgt. Gray Phillips is at a crossroads in his life: stay in the Marine Corps or get out and learn to be a civilian? He’s got forty-five days of leave to make up his mind but the people in his life aren’t making the decision any easier. His dad wants him to get out; his grandfather wants him to stay in. And his growing feelings for Sam Anderson are wreaking havoc with his heart…and his mind. He believes relationships get ruined when a Marine goes on deployment. So now he’s got an even harder decision to make: take a chance on Sam or leave love behind and give his all to the Marines.

Twenty-two year old Samantha Anderson lost her husband to an IED in Afghanistan just two months after their vows. Two years later, Sam is full of regrets—that she didn’t move with her husband to Alaska; that she allowed her friends to drift away; that she hasn’t taken many chances in life. Now, she’s met Gray and taking a risk on this Marine could be her one opportunity to feel alive and in love again. But how can she risk her heart on another military man who could share the same tragic fate as her husband?

Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Jen Frederick has done it again! Unraveled is the third book in the Woodlands series and is another emotional, fun and sexy page-turner.

Unraveled is Twenty-five-year-old Sgt. Gray Phillips and Twenty-two year old Samantha Anderson's story; Gray is on leave and needs to decide where his future lies - should he re-enlist in the U.S Marine Corps or take another path. Sam was widowed at the age of nineteen  from her childhood sweetheart, she is now ready to make some life changes and one of them is whether or not to take a chance on another military man.

Jen Frederick’s writing is compulsively readable and her characters true to life and likeable; I loved Gray in Unspoken but this book sealed the deal for me! He is a gorgeous, kind, charming, jealous sweetheart and Jen couldn’t have written a better love interest in Samantha who was a down to earth nice girl, someone you’d love as a best friend. The chemistry between them was off the charts and I think this book would have to be the sexiest by far.

Throughout the book there were many moments that left me so anxious for Gray and Sam to finally move forward, make decisions, fall in love, forgive themselves and take a chance on living life without the pressure put on them by themselves and others, it was a journey that I enjoyed seeing the characters make because I was so invested in seeing them succeed.

All of the side characters were amazing; I adore Noah & Grace and Bo & AM and I thought Sam’s relationship with her parents and sister Bitsy was wonderful; the Anderson’s  were quite demanding and I felt held Sam back from getting on with her life. I can’t wait to see which Woodland boy will be up next.

I have to admit, I’m not usually a fan of characters who have previously been married and their partner is now deceased – divorce I don’t mind so much but there is always the chance the hero or heroine aren’t completely ready to move on and a new relationship comes with much trepidation. I’m pleased to say though that Jen has written a real page turner and the relationship is one that is believable which I appreciated, the banter and conversations were enjoyable and their moments together entertaining.

The pacing was perfect, the writing superb and the overall storyline engaging; it was a book filled with heart and hope and I was glued to the pages.

Overall, Unraveled is a fabulous addition to this amazing series. Jen knows how to write the most wonderful storylines with passionate, realistic characters, drama that isn’t dragged out and a HEA that leaves you swooning.

I can’t recommend this series enough, although each book can be read as a stand-alone you definitely don’t want to miss any of these smexy woodlands boys or the women that tame them.

Jens Dream Cast:


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Displaying jen frederick bio.pngAbout the author:

Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog.  She's been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at jen@jenfrederick.com.

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  1. I'm reading this one right now, about 36% in and enjoying it. I still need to read book one. Glad to see you loved this!

  2. Sharon I have to check my nook and kindle I think I actually bought book one or two after your stellar. heart-warming make me want to read it review. If not I will grab them. I need to experience this author and characters...lovely review!

  3. You 5 star review and the fact that the MC is a marine have me sold. I am also glad to know that the fact of the deceased spouse worked in this. Wonderful review.


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