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Interview: J.M. Hill, author of Saving Grace

I am really pleased to be able to welcome Julie M. Hill, author of Saving Grace to Obsession with Books today to talk about her debut novel.

Author: Julie M. Hill
Pages: 341
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self


Grace Burke doesn’t need a thing.

She enjoys her quiet life in Fall Rivers, Colorado—running a bookstore and coffee shop with her cousin, Kate. The two have a successful business, a small circle of friends, and each other. What more could she want?

When the Anderson brothers move into the house across the street, it doesn’t take long for her to realize exactly what she’s been missing. At first sight, the youngest brother, Michael, captures Grace’s heart, and her quiet life is disrupted.

Then it turns upside down.

Grace isn’t the only one with eyes for Michael. Nina Sandler, one of Michael’s clients, threatens to come between them. When Nina can’t get Michael’s attention, she focuses on Grace—in a very dangerous way.

But love is never easy and if the best things in life are worth fighting for, then Grace must find the courage to fight. Not just for love and happiness but for her very life.


Welcome to Obsession with Books Julie, Are you able to tell us a little about your book Saving Grace and yourself?

I’ve been married to my beloved for almost twenty-two years, and I’m a stay-at-home mom of five great kids. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO, but now live in the great state of North Carolina. I’m a music junkie—iTunes ADORES me. I love too many movies to list, but most importantly, the first three Rocky movies. Yes, really. I catch so much grief for this, but there’s just something about Sly. I would LOVE to meet him! It’s okay, my husband knows all about this.

Saving Grace is more than just a love story. It’s about relationships, family, loss, guilt, forgiveness, and love.

When and why did you begin writing?

My writing began with a bout of insomnia several years ago. Many a sleepless night was spent tapping away at the computer keys while my hubby snored away in peaceful slumber. I started several stories, but finished only one. Saving Grace.
Where did the inspiration for your book Saving Grace come from?

Inspiration struck while reading Twilight. My daughter wanted to read it, but I’d heard conflicting reports about the content, ie: Edward’s stalkerish behavior, etc, so I had to give it the mom-approval. Surprisingly, my favorite aspect of the book was NOT the relationship between Edward/Bella. My favorite aspect was the relationship of the Cullen’s. The way they protected each other no matter the cost. Yes, they are vampires, and yes, they are fictional. BUT, what a great picture of how families should be! So, I came up with the Anderson family. Grace and Kate only had each other, but when they met the Anderson’s they had a family again. They were loved, they were protected…no matter the cost.

What is your ideal day as an author?

It hasn’t happened yet, but I can tell you what I WISH for: an empty house, a steady rain pattering against my windows, my favorite mug filled with coffee, and my “writing playlist” playing on my stereo. Ahhhh…

Do you mind telling us how long it took for you to write Saving Grace?

Just under seven months…about. The thing was the EDITING. After I finished writing Grace, I joined a critique group and learned SO much, mostly things I was doing wrong. I still have much to learn, but that’s the great thing about writing there’s always room to grow.

Is there anything about you that would surprise your readers? Any quirks, habits, routines etc.

I wish there was something about me that would make people gasp in shock and awe, but alas, I’m BOR-ING. Really.
Are you able to describe what your writing process is like?

Sure. It goes something like this: type, type, type, delete, delete, type, delete, search for chocolate, repeat.
Are there any books or authors that have most influenced you?

I really like Elin Hilderbrand, and Emily Giffin. I would never try to compare my writing to these ladies, but I love their writing style. Emily Giffin makes me wish I lived in New York, and Elin Hilderbrand makes me wish I had a beach cottage somewhere.

Is there are book you are reading at the moment? And do you tend to favor a particular genre?

I don’t read as much anymore, but when I do, you can bet it will be a chick-lit, or women’s fiction. I enjoy a light, easy read. Reading has to be enjoyable for me. However, I do like to have some angsty romance every now and again. Make me cry. I can take it. I’m a cry baby anyway.

If Saving Grace was to be made into a movie, who would you chose to play the roles of your main characters?

This is the BEST question EVER!
Grace Burke- Jennifer Lawrence
Michael Anderson – Zac Efron
Kate Donovan- Emma Stone
Garrett Anderson-Chris Hemsworth
Miles Anderson-Chris Pine
Nina Sandler-Blake Lively.
Yeah. Definitely a “Dream Cast”, but boy-oh-boy, what a dream!

What is up next for you?

I’ve got two books in the works, one which is Garrett’s story. I’ve had so many people tell me Garrett is their favorite character, and I’m inclined to agree.
Quick Questions:

Fave band / television series / movie?

Band- JOURNEY, hands down. Television series-Modern Family, American Idol, Survivor. Movie-Rocky, Pride & Prejudice, Moonstruck, I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

Coffee or tea?

For the most part, coffee. However, my grandmother taught me there’s nothing better than a cup of hot Earl Grey tea. She also told me tea tastes better in a china cup, and let me just say, she’s absolutely right.

E-reader or hardcopy?

Love my Kindle, but I also love some of the worn paperbacks I own.

Cats or Dogs?

A year ago, my answer would’ve been dogs, however, my daughter got THE best cat for Christmas last year-Dexter-and he’s great.

Ideal travel destination?

New York City! I want to go to NYC! The Plaza. Central Park. Broadway. The Met. The Yankees. Please, oh, please! One day! Oh, and Bora-Bora would be cool, too.

Thank-you so much Julie for taking time to talk to us today!

Thank YOU for this wonderful opportunity!


  1. A really great interview. I dream of NY, it would be amazing & I like the dream cast.

    I am a big fan of CR so will definitely be adding this book to my reading list.

  2. Julie, your perfect author day sounds like my perfect reading
    awesome interview Sharon :)


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