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Series I’ve started and LOVED but I’m yet to finish!

Series I’ve started and LOVED but I’m yet to finish!

Do you have a series that is an absolute must read? you open it as soon as it is delivered and then anxiously anticipate the sequel only to receive it and sit it off to the side or {sigh} not even buy the book even though it is one you reeeeallllly want to read. This is me! I start a series, read the first one, two or maybe three books only to not continue for some reason or another, whether it is from lack of motivation, interest or time? I am also a HUGE fan of romance in a series but the initial slow to burn is what pulls me in, once the relationship is established the wow factor seems to diminish for me and if the storyline isn’t advancing I tend to give up or put it off to the side.

My goal for 2015 is to catch up on these series.

These are a few of the series I have loved but need to continue:

1/ Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews –I am not too far behind in this series thank goodness, I have always loved the relationship between all of the characters in these books; the romance between Kate and Curran is wonderful; Kate is one tough cookie. I am always left excited at the end of these books and can’t help but hope for a HEA for all of the characters.

-          Magic Bites (2007)
-          Magic Burns (2008)
-          Magic Strikes (2009)
-          Magic Bleeds (2010)
-          Magic Slays (2011)
-          Magic Rises (2013)
-          Magic Breaks (2014)

A Kate Daniels Magic Series Collection (Kate Daniels, #1-5)

2/ Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs –This is the series that started my love of all things Urban Fantasy but of late it hasn’t really held my attention and has seemed repetitive. I really want to get back into the Mercy world.

-          Moon Called (2006)
-          Blood Bound (2007)
-          Iron Kissed (2008)
-          Bone Crossed (2009)
-          Silver Borne (2010)
-          River Marked (2011)
-          Frost Burned (2013)
-          Night Broken (2014)

3/ Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill  - I am only up to book 5 in this series.  I was really irked by a certain incident in Hard Bitten, I’m sure anyone who has read this series would know what I am talking about, it’s not a plot device I like used at all but I’m still keen to get back into this series to see the outcome.

-          Some Girls Bite (2009)
-          Friday Night Bites (2009)
-          Twice Bitten (2010)
-          Hard Bitten (2011)
-          Drink Deep (2011)
-          Biting Cold (2012)
-          House Rules (2013)
-          Biting Bad (2013)
-          Wild Things (2014)
-          Blood Games (2014)
-          Dark Debt (2015)

4/ The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer  – I loved the first book but as soon as I found out the sequel and subsequent books didn’t follow Cinder, the MC we were first introduced to I lost interest for some reason. I do hope to start this up again in the New Year as the reviews I have seen are all full of praise.

-          Cinder (2012)
-          Scarlet (2013)
-          Cress (2014)
-          Winter (2015)

5/ On Dublin Street by Samantha Young – I actually have most of these books so it’s more a case of too many books and not enough reading time. I have loved everything I have read by Samantha Young, I especially love her YA series so I really hope to enjoy these books just as much.

-          On Dublin Street (2012)
-          Down London Road (2013)
-          Before Jamaica Lane (2013)
-          Fall From India Place (2014)
-          Echoes of Scotland Street  (2014)
-          Moonlight on Nightingale Road (2015)

6/ Across the Universe by Beth Revis – This is one of the best YA Sci-fi series that I have read but for some reason I still need to grab a copy of Shades of Earth, the last book in the series. A few blogging friends either DNF this book or rated it quite low so it did dampen my enthusiasm.

-          Across the Universe (2011)
-          A Million Suns (2012)
-          Shades of Earth (2013)

7/ Fever by Karen Marie Moning – The Fever series is my all-time favourite! I was so excited to learn KMM had started a spin-off series but a tad underwhelmed to find out the MC was Dani O’Malley, I wasn’t her greatest fan. I am a little relieved I haven’t started this because Burned, the sequel to Iced has been delayed for what seems like forever and KMM’s books always seem to end on a cliff-hanger so it may be a good thing I have procrastinated in reading these books.

-          Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever, Shadowfever (2011)
-          Iced (2012)
-          Burned (2015)

Do you have any series you have loved but are yet to finish?

Nb. Not all books from the series are shown in the series.


  1. The Lunar Chronicles series is totally worth the finish. Cinder does show up in all the other stories she just splits the book with new characters. It's almost an even split really !

    1. Thanks Jess :-) I've just purchased Scarlet so I'm hoping to love it as much as Cinder, it'
      s such a popular series.

  2. I want to start the Lunar chronicles and have only read the first one in Mercy Thomson ones but want to read on.

    1. The Mercy series is amazing so I hope you get a chance to continue it :-) Cinder was amazing.

  3. You're not too far behind on the Kate Daniels series, but yes, I agree, DEFINITELY continue that one! Mercy & I have had our ups & downs, and same thing goes for Merit, however as a whole they are still well worth the read IMO. And, KMM is switching back to Mac in Burned, so you should get on that. :p

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    1. Thank goodness KMM is switching back! I read a lot of negatives about Iced so I was quite hesitant about starting it. I'll definitely continue with Kate & Mercy :-)

  4. I loved the Fever books and I was excited about a spin off too, but I wasn't too impressed with Iced and I don't know if I'll finish that series or not. I need to catch up on the Lunar Chronicles books too, I've only read the first but I can't remember much about it so I'll have to do a reread before continuing.

    1. Oh shame you weren't impressed with Iced, I do have a copy but it just hasn't piqued my interest at all whereas Mac and Barrons are constant re-reads for me ;-) I've just purchased Scarlet so I hope to play catch up with the Lunar Chronicles too.

  5. Cool post. I've got one more to read in the On Dublin Street Series. I've got to think about some others, though I am sure there are quite a few I've not completed yet.

  6. I lose interest in super long series too, except for the Chicagoland books, although I totally get what you mean about what happened to Ethan!
    And you should read the other Cinder books, Cinder is still a huge part of the rest of the books and still has her own POV scenes. Plus, I think the other books get better and better!

  7. I am legit scared to do a post like this because I have SO many series I haven't finished ! I've read Cinder and she is in Scarlet, the narrative kind of jumps from Scarlet and Cinder until they are in the same location together.

  8. I am on Magic Breaks and will now have to wait like everyone else for more Kate. I am current on Mercy Thompson and on book three of Alpha and Omega. You must continue the Lunar Chronicles in my opinion the books only get stronger. I own all of Moning's series and never cracked them open. I read Young's books as soon as I get my hands on them..LOL

  9. I've read all of the Fever series-back to back, but when Iced came out, I just didn't buy it. Maybe I should :) I have so many half way finished series that I can't even think of all of them. I wish you luck in getting yours finished!


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