Friday, 27 April 2012

REVIEW: The Calling (Darkness Rising #2) by Kelley Armstrong

Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series: Darkness Rising
Pages: 326
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: HarperCollins
Amazon: The Calling

Synopsis. (Goodreads)

Maya and her friends--all of whom have supernatural powers--have been kidnapped after fleeing from a forest fire they suspect was deliberately set, and after a terrifying helicopter crash they find themselves pursued by evildoers in the Vancouver Island wilderness.

REVIEW: 4 out of 5 stars

The Calling by Kelley Armstrong is the second book in the Darkness Rising trilogy and follows on immediately from The Gathering.

Maya Delaney and friends are on the run after they survived the Vancouver Island fires, their helicopter crashing and evading an evil group intent on capturing them for their own nefarious purposes.

In this book we find out more about Maya’s heritage, the evil groups wanting to experiment on the teens to revive extinct supernatural creatures and what the purpose of the island was.

I adore Maya as a character, her love of animals and healing abilities have always made her special and now she is finding out more about her skin-walking abilities it shows how truly unique she is. She is strong-willed, independent, caring and kick-butt which I always enjoy in a heroine.

Each of Maya’s friend are great and are also discovering what special abilities they have, although at times I didn’t know who to trust amongst the group it was always nice to see the constant protection and care provided by Daniel; I am positive his feelings for Maya go beyond friendship so I am eager to see how this pans out.

The often dramatic situations Maya and friends are put in makes The Calling a fast paced thrill ride that is filled with intense action scenes that literally have you turning the pages wanting to know more. The suspense and mystery behind the groups wanting the teens was strong, I never knew who was bad, who could be trusted or what their sole motivation was which made for a gripping and engaging read – there was never a dull moment.

I enjoy Kelley Armstrong’s writing style, the plot was enjoyable and executed well, it kept me wanting to know more and to me this book didn’t seem like a filler as some second books from a trilogy often do, it held its own which I liked.

I am really eager to get hold of the third book in the trilogy, The Rising which has an anticipated 2013 release date.


  1. I just finished The Gathering so I just skimmed cause I didn't want to find out any spoilers! I totally agree with you about the characters so far though! They are all great and super strong whether they are a main character or supporting one!

  2. Ah, I have to start this series! Thanks for the great review. - FABR Steph


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